Personalized Bradenton Automobile Insurance

Personalized Bradenton Automobile Insurance

What kind of automobile do you have, and what do you use it for? Do you know what kind of insurance you need for the way you use your car in Bradenton? Do you have Bradenton car insurance from a trusted Bradenton insurance agency?

We may be called Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Center, but Bradenton auto insurance is one of our primary specialties. And Bradenton drivers need automobile insurance they can count on. Are you covered?

Why Bradenton Car Insurance Matters

You may use your car exclusively for Bradenton driving. Or you may take your Bradenton car to all parts of the state and beyond. In Florida, we’re all subject to Florida automobile insurance laws and regulations.

Florida requires a bare minimum of automobile insurance coverage for a number of situations that might happen to Bradenton drivers—though these requirements can vary depending on what kind of vehicle you’re driving. (More on those minimum requirements in the next section.)

And, let’s face it, safe drivers are always at risk of accidents. Bradenton is beautiful, but we still face the usual Florida challenges on the road: inclement weather, new and unexpected construction projects, road rage, young drivers, and drivers from out of town who are unfamiliar with our Bradenton roads.

Even if you’re a very safe Bradenton driver, and you happen to get into an accident that is someone else’s fault, your minimum insurance coverage will come in handy. As a “no-fault state,” Florida requires each driver’s insurance to pay for their own injuries from a car accident, regardless of who’s at fault.

The right insurance can insure your car or other vehicle is repaired thoroughly and quickly after any number of unforeseen damages. Car insurance can also cover vandalism and theft.

And don’t forget, your car insurance coverage in Florida pays for your injuries incurred during a car accident, too—no matter who’s at fault.

Additionally, you will need a certain amount of automobile insurance in Florida in order to finance the purchase of a vehicle or secure a car loan.

What Insurance Does Florida Require Bradenton Drivers to Have?

Florida law currently requires Florida drivers to have these coverages under your automobile insurance policy:

  • $10,000 liability coverage for property damage
  • $10,000 coverage for personal injury protection (PIP). This is the insurance that will cover (or begin to cover) your medical bills from an auto accident, regardless of fault.

Despite recent attempts to pass laws that would eliminate the requirement for personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance, the $10,000 minimum remains in place. This requirement does not exclude additional legal action from being taken by injured parties.

And these are just the minimum legal requirements in this state. Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Center works with Bradenton drivers to get the most out of your Bradenton auto insurance policy, so that you’ll have the coverage you need, when you need it.

Bradenton Car Insurance for Cars, Bikes, and Beyond

So, what kind of vehicle are you driving around Bradenton? And what are your usual Bradenton driving destinations?

We offer Bradenton drivers the best auto insurance policy for whatever you drive: car, classic car, motor home or RV, or even motorcycle. Our policies go well beyond the minimum.

Florida Homeowners Insurance Center has the car insurance policy you need to keep all of you Bradenton drivers out there safe on the road.