Insurance Resolutions for Southwest Floridians

Insurance Resolutions for Southwest Floridians

Happy holiday season, Southwest Florida! We know you’re busy with your decorations and merry-making, but this is just a gentle reminder that your New Year’s Resolutions are coming up quick. What will you do with your 2022?

In addition to the usual lifestyle improvements everyone wants to make this time of year, we think New Year’s is a great excuse to think about practical solutions for your assets and finances.

In other words: Are you properly insured?

Are you happy with your coverage? Your deductible? Your premiums?

These may not be the flashiest things to address, but they can make a big difference in your personal wellbeing now and all year-round. So set aside some time to look at all of your assets and the policies protecting them. If you’re not happy—or even if you just have questions—Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Center is there for you: (941) 756-5100.

Home Insurance

Here in Sarasota-Manatee, we know that this is the time of year when we don’t have to worry as much about storms damaging our homes, or even torrential summer rains threatening everything from leaky roofs to compromised foundations.

But while we’re basking in our glorious Gulf Coast winter weather, we recommend homeowner’s take this reprieve to think seriously about their southwest Florida homeowner’s insurance policy. After all, you don’t want to wait until there’s a problem to discover holes in your coverage.

Sit down with a professional and make sure all your bases are covered. Even if you’ve had the same policy for a while, an update might be in order—especially as climate change directly affects the ways nature threatens our properties.

And don’t forget: Flood insurance is separate from homeowner’s insurance!

Auto Insurance

For most people in Florida, their car is their lifeline—the thing that allows them independence, to shop for themselves, visit loved ones, even take recreational trips. (And, of course, to evacuate as needed if a storm threatens.)

Many of us longtime drivers might take this independence for granted. That is, until an accident suddenly takes it away from us. Think about it right now: What would your day look like if you didn’t have your own transportation?

This kind of sudden disruption can happen through no fault of your own. In Florida, you’re responsible for your car’s repairs even if you didn’t cause the accident. Having a reliable auto insurance policy ensures that you won’t have your independence taken away through someone else’s negligence.

Commercial Insurance

If you’re a business owner, you’ve already been navigating the difficult commercial issues related to the pandemic. We don’t want you to have any more to worry about. But we do want you to be covered in case anything else goes wrong.

Commercial policies range from general liability—broad coverage that can be applied to a number of aspects of your business—to more specific policies covering your business’s property, your employees, and your company vehicles. Commercial options also include excess liability that will protect your company in the case of lawsuits.

Whether you’re a longtime Bradenton resident or you’ve just purchased property in Lakewood Ranch; whether you commute from North Port to Sarasota for your job or you just enjoy a nice weekend cruise down Longboat Key; whether you inherited your family’s Venice restaurant or you just opened your new shop in Ellenton: Make a resolution to ensure your 2022 goes smoothly with the right commercial insurance policies for your life.